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Polyintell Affinisep Polymer SPEAffinisep

Affinisep based in France (previously known as Polyintell) is a worldwide expert in purification and sample preparation applications as well as for the design and the development of intelligent polymers with Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIP). The company is dedicated to the development of analytical applications in various fields such as water, biological fluids, food and feed analysis with a complete set of products and services for sample preparation

AffiniSEP AffiniMIP, AttractSPE, and SilactSPE

AFFINIMIP SPE products based on molecularly imprinted polymers, AttractSPE a range of polymeric phases and SilactSPE Silica based products, associated reagents, QuEChERS and small equipment, the analytical chemists can find any solution for sample preparation, selective extraction and sample clean-up needs in various sectors: food and feed safety and quality, pharmaceutical R&D and quality control, clinical diagnosis, environment and doping. Furthermore, by exploiting a library of innovative polymers and our know-how in chromatography and solid phase extraction, the company has a strong capacity to adapt these polymers to meet any specific requirements and to solve unsatisfied purification and extraction needs.

Affinisep Sample Preparation Catalog

Affinisep SPE Applications


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