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About Us

Columnex is an emerging company specialized in distributing chromatography lab equipments from multiple manufacturers.  Currently, we sell name brand HPLC columns and accessories from Chromenta, PolyLC, Jordi, Bonna-Agela, Imtakt, Dikma, Macherey-Nagel, Nacalai, ZirChrom, ES Industries, SIELC, and Sepax.

For Our Customers

Chromatography supplies

Columnex strives to make a full range of technical capabilities available to customers in one single place, organized in a user-friendly manner.  Our goal is to help customers spend less time on HPLC column selection and more time on their core research.

Our responsibilities to customers:

  • Introduce customers to a variety of brands that will expand their chromatography knowledge.  Customers may utilize this new knowledge to discover a previously unrecognized solution and to provide direction to maximize their chance for success. 
  • Employ an experienced and well-educated technical support team with over 17 years of chromatography experience.  So, customers can discuss their separation challenges intelligently and quickly select the most appropriate columns for their needs. 
  • Offer a friendly sales team with a customer-centric focus.  The sales process will be friendly and conversational with questions and answers from both sides.  Each customer will be assigned a Columnex Concierge for the personalized customer service.
  • Operate an easy-to-order purchase platform with competitive pricing. 
  • Back up 100% all return policies and warranties supported by each manufacturer. 

Let our friendly Columnex Concierge fulfill your HPLC column selection and purchase requests. contact us

For Our Vendors

Columnex offers manufacturers access to chromatography customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico with our market agility and intimate customer knowledge. 

Columnex provides an environment where everyone benefits.  We outperform competitors by providing superior technical support and other value-added services during the consultative sales process.  We seek to understand customers’ research challenges before advising the most appropriate columns.  Customers will increase their chromatography knowledge and broaden their solution options.  Vendors will benefit from the end-users’ increased brand awareness and additional sales.

We welcome potential vendors to contact us to explore opportunities in business collaboration.


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