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Chromatography and Lab Equipment Manufacturers

Affinisep SPEAffinisep is a worldwide expert in purification and sample preparation applications with Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIP). AFFINISEP is dedicated to the development of analytical applications in water treatment, biological fluids, food and feed analysis with a complete set of products and services for sample preparation.

Aura Industries chromatography accessoriesAura Industries, Inc., is committed to providing effective, low cost, safe and innovative products for the Regulatory and Analytical Scientific Community. It is well known manufacturer of PHRED used often in the mycotoxin analysis.

Agela SPE Flash HPLC ColumnsBonna-Agela Technologies, Inc., in Newark, DE, is a competitive manufacturer of HPLC columns, flash chromatography systems and columns, SPE columns and wellplates, GC columns, and chromatography supplies. It provides products of the highest quality at very competitive price.

Chromenta HPLC columns and chromatography mediaChromenta by Columnex is an innovative series of HPLC columns designed with the highest quality and competitive pricing. We offer a wide selection of HPLC columns in silica-based, polymer-coated, 100% aqueous durable amino, HILIC, fluorinated, ion-exclusion, and ion-exchange.

Dikma Technologies HPLC Columns and AccessoriesDikma Technologies, Inc., established in 1993, is a global technology leader in separation, purification and analytical chemistry. Dikma's core technologies include liquid chromatography, sample preparation, bulk chromatographic media, reference chemicals, and chromatography accessories and equipment.

ES Industries HPLC Columns and AccessoriesES Industries has been offering HPLC chromatographers premium high efficiency, high reproducibility bonded phases and packing materials for over 30 years. The Chromegabond materials produced at its West Berlin, New Jersey, facility represent the state-of-the-art in bonding chemistry technology.

Japan Analytical IndustryJapan Analytical Industry Co. Ltd., established in 1965 in Meguro Tokyo, Japan. The company provides recycling preparative HPLC systems, curie point pyrolyzer, cryogenic sample crusher, outgas collector, and thermal desorption instruments.

Jenco Quality Instruments pH MetersJenco Instruments has established itself over 40 years on miniturizing water quality instruments to improve their ease of use, features and accuracy. Jenco's line of water quality instruments which now spans pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ion and temperature meters, testers, portable, benchtops and online analyzers.

Jordi Labs GPC Columns and polymer-based HPLC ColumnsJordi Labs LLC was founded in 1980 to provide the highest quality polymer-based HPLC columns and packing media in the industry. As a family company based in Bellingham, MA, Jordi takes pride in the production of each of their products. Jordi columns, packing media, and SPE products.

Macherey-Nagel HPLC Columns and AccessoriesMacherey-Nagel GmbH & Co. KG in Germany has represented high quality, innovation and reliability in biomolecular and chemical analysis since 1911. The company's in-depth expertise in scientific research tools and high product quality has been the cornerstone of Macherey-Nagel’s success for almost 100 years.

Mitsubishi Chemical MCI GelMitsubishi Chemical Group serve customers by using chemistry-based technology platforms for the development of technologies and products in the performance products, health care, and industrial materials. In the chromatography field, it is well-known for producing MCI Gel polymer-based HPLC columns.

Nacalai Tesque HPLC ColumnsNacalai Tesque, Inc. in Kyoto, Japan, was established in 1846 selling traditional Japanese and Chinese medicines, and was formally incorporated as a research reagent company in 1958.  The company provides the highest quality research products necessary for the life science research.

PolyLC HPLC Columns for Biomolecule AnalysisPolyLC, Inc in Columbia, MD is a specialist in biomolecule separations, e.g., proteins, peptideds, nucleic acids, and complex carbohydrates. It has excellent HPLC columns in HIC, ion-exchange, HILIC, and ERLIC modes. In additon to HPLC columns, PolyLC provides bulk material, SPE, and nano-LC columns.

Preekem Scientific InstrumentsPreekem Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. is a relatively young and energetic company established in Shanghai, China since 2000. It has great expertise in microwave digestion, microwave organic synthesis, Solid Phase Extraction, and Evaboration Systems.

Sepax HPLC ColumnsSepax Technologies, Inc. is an emerging bio-separation company in Newark, Delaware with operations in China. It has cutting edge HPLC columns and separation media based on patented resin synthesis and coating technology.

SIELC mixed-mode HPLC Columns and AccessoriesSIELC Technologies is well-known for its expertise in packing high-quality multi-mode HPLC columns with superior lot-to-lot reproducibility. Every SIELC column has a unique stationary phase, combining the properties of hydrophobic and ion-exchange stationary phases.  

Welch HPLC Columns and Chromatography suppliesWelch Materials Inc. was founded 2003 in Maryland, USA and Shanghai by PhD scientists from top Universities such as MIT and  UC Berkeley. The company manufactures chromatography consumables including HPLC columns, SPE columns, GC columns, sample vials, syringe filters, and chromatographic media.

ZirChrom zirconia-based HPLC ColumnsZirChrom Separations Inc was formed in 1995 and is located in Anoka, Minnesota, USA. ZirChrom manufactures a full line of LC/MS friendly, ultra-durable zirconia-based high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns. 


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