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Agela HPLC Columns, SPE, Flash Columns and Bulk MaterialBonna-Agela Technologies Inc.

Bonna-Agela Technologies Inc., in Newark, DE, is a competitive manufacturer of HPLC columns, flash chromatography systems and columns, SPE columns and wellplates, GC columns, and chromatography supplies. Its business structure and production process enable the company to provide products of the highest quality at very competitive prices.

Bonna-Agela Venusil, Durashell, Promosil, Unisol, Optimix, and other HPLC Columns

Promosil C18s are made with high-purity monosilane through Bonna-Agela Technologies’ well controlled bonding process. They have high surface bonding coverage and are completely capped. The carbon content is as much as 18%. Promosil columns are stable at a pH range of 1.5-9.0, showing good peak shape for acidic and basic compounds. They have an excellent tolerance of contamination and a long life-time. They are the best choice of high performance-to-cost value. Optimix series are mixed-mode columns that provide optimized selectivity and performance for HPLC separations. This series has balanced hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity: extended retention for polar compounds; and non-excessive retention for strong hydrophobic compounds. Durashell columns can be used in a wide pH range of 1-12 for small molecule analysis.


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