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LC-9110II NEXT and LC-9160II NEXT

  • All in one body - Smart and compact !  
  • Fully automated model


1/3 Body size compared to our previous model.

Product Features

  • Auto rerun function - Stores the previous operation in memory and repeat, resulting in time saving and scaling up the quantity of collection with subsequent run with the same sample.
  • Auto cleanup function - Keeps the flow channels clean automatically. Solvent changeover when changing columns is also made much easier.
  • Non-diffusion function (patent) - During extended recycling period, the recycled sample in the flow line may diffuse back into the solvent with the danger of contaminating the solvent reservoir. The NEXT series has non-diffusion device (patent) that prevents the sample from running back into the solvent line and damaging your columns and detectors with back pressure.
  • Injection overlap function - Enables to make second and subsequent injections without having to wait for complete previous operation.
  • Touch panel screen interface - 8.4 inch size touch panel screen is installed. Operations can be done by simply touching the buttons on the screen from start to collect.
  • Improved layout - Manual injector is mounted outside of the body. Maintenance such as seal exchange becomes greatly easy. The pump and the detectors are also easily taken out by opening the front panel.
  • Other features - Besides the recycle function is equipped, other various functions are equipped for your convenience, such as repeat injector, auto cycle function and rerun function.
  • Maximum flow rate -model 9110II NEXT is 10mL/min, model 9160II NEXT is 60mL/min

LC NEXT flow channel

LC NEXT flow channel chart


Two different types of detectors small enough to fit into NEXT series body have been developed. They can be installed together and perform detection simultaneously. 

  • UV Detector - As preparative dedicated detector, it has developed its stability and sensitivity can detect most organic compounds.
  •   UV-254II NEXT UV-370 NEXT UV-600 NEXT UV-VIS 4ch NEXT
    Detection single fixed wavelength single variable wavelength single variable wavelength 4-channel variable wavelength
    Wave length 254mm 195-370mm 195-600mm 190-480mm
    Measurement Method Signle beam filter Double beam Double beam Single beam
    Flow Cell
    Cell Length: 0.3mm, Cell volume: 40µl (Option: 1.0mm, 2.4mm)
    Cell Length: 0.5mm, Cell vol: 20µl (Option: 0.2mm, 0.1mm)
    Cell Length: 0.5mm, Cell vol: 20µl (Option: 0.2mm, 0.1mm)
    Cell Length: 0.3mm, Cell vol: 40µl (Option: 1.0mm, 2.4mm)


  • RI Detector - Stable baseline can be obtained quickly. Applicable for both preparative and analytical HPLC
Measurement Method
Flow Cell
8µl volume
RI Range
1-2000, ∞ in 12 steps



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