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LaboACE LC-5060

  • Compact design
  • Smaller dwell volume - higher performance
  • LCD touch panel interface
  • Manual operation model

JAI LaboACE LC-5060 preparative HPLC system

New-Generation Advanced Preparative HPLC System

Product Features

  • Improved Recycling Efficiency - LaboACE has smaller internal dead volume that allows for higher efficiency.
  • With non-Diffusion function Recycling system (Patented) - During extended recycling period, the recycled sample in the flow line may diffuse back into the solvent with the danger of contaminating the solvent reservoir. The JAI instruments have a non-diffusion device (patented) that prevents the sample from running back into the solvent line. This is especially critical in obtaining ultra pure compounds. This device also prevents column and detector damages from back pressure.
  • Reliable Solvent Delivery - With over 50 years of experience, JAI has optimized the serial double plunger pump configuration specifically design for recycling applications.
  • Auto cleanup function - Keeps the flow channels clean automatically. Solvent changeover when changing columns is also made much easier.
  • Improved layout - Manual injector is mounted outside of the body. Up to 2 manual column switching valves can be added depending on the column configuration. Maintenance such as seal exchange becomes easy. The pump and the detectors are also easily taken out by opening the front panel.
  • Auto calculation for right fraction timing - The time difference between detection and actual fraction will be automatically calculated and programmed. You can be absolutely sure about what you see on the monitor is what you have collected.
  • LCD Touch Panel -5.7 inch touch panel screen allows intuitive operation of the instrument by users from injection to fraction collection.
  • Compact Body - the compact design of the LaboACE allows it to fit inside a fume hood. Any escaped organic solvent is safely removed, allowing for excellent operator comfort and safety.


JAI LaboACE LC-5060 top view

LaboACE LC-5060 Size: 280(w)x445(H)x420(D) mm


JAI LaboACE Lc-5060 touch panel

LaboACE LC-5060 touch screen panel screen shots


LaboACE LC-5060 Brochure

JAI Recycling Preparative HPLC Catalog JAI LaboACE LC-5060 brochure download for more detail technical information.



Up to two detectors can fit into the LaboACE LC-5060 series. The recommended configuration is UV-VIS4ch LA and RI-700 LA detectors.

  • UV Detector - As preparative dedicated detector, it has developed its stability and sensitivity can detect most organic compounds
    UV Model UV-254 LA UV-VIS4ch LA
    single channel fixed wavelength 4 channel variable UV-Vis
    Wavelength 254 nm 200-800 nm
    Measurement Method single beam
    Light Source Deuterium lamp Deuterium + Tungsten lamps
    Drift 0.001 ABU/hr
    Sensitivity noise ( TC0.75s) 0.00002ABU (254nm) 0.00005ABU (254nm)
    Zero Adjustment auto zero function
    Flow Cell 0.3mm (optional: 1.4mm, 2.4mm)
    Saturated Concentration benzene 15% / 0.3mm cell
    Power supplied from main body
    Weight 3.9 kg 5.9 kg


  • RI Detector - Stable baseline can be obtained quickly. Applicable for both preparative and analytical HPLC
    RI Model RI-700 LA
    Measurement Method deflection
    Flow Cell 8 µL volume
    RI Range 1.00-1.75
    Reference Purge Solenoid Valve
    Temperature Fixed at 34 °C, includes 50 °C fuse
    Zero Adjustment auto zero function
    Power supplied from main body
    Weight 4.8 kg


HPLC and GPC Columns

LaboACE is compatible with all commercial preparative HPLC or GPC columns, i.e., JAIGEL columns.



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