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Ion Exclusion Columns

In pure ion-exclusion, retention volumes of medium-strength electrolytes are proportional to their dissociation constants. Strong electrolytes have less retention than weak electrolytes.  However, other separation mechanisms such as adsorption and/or size exclusion may be involved as well.

Ion Exclusion Columns

Ion Exclusion Columns
Chromenta Sugar H+
Chromenta Sugar Ca++
MN Nucleogel Sugar 810 Ca
MN Nucleogel Sugar 810 H
MN Nucleogel Sugar Ca
MN Nucleogel Sugar Na
MN Nucleogel Sugar Pb

Sepax Carbomix Ca-NP10
Sepax Carbomix H-NP10
Sepax Carbomix K-NP10
Sepax Carbomix Na-NP10
Sepax Carbomix Pd-NP10


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