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Jordi polymer-based GPC columnsJordi Labs LLC

Jordi Labs LLC was founded in 1980 to provide the highest quality polymer-based HPLC columns and packing media in the industry. As a family company based in Bellingham, MA, Jordi takes pride in the production of each of their products. Jordi columns, packing media, and SPE products are currently being used worldwide by customers in nearly all industries.

Wide Selection of Excellent GPC Columns for Synthetic Polymer Analysis - DVB, DVB-fluorinated, xStream H2O

Jordi Labs manufactures a unique line of GPC columns featuring a 100% divinylbenzene (DVB) highly crosslinked backbone. Jordi DVB columns offer unsurpassed strength and durability as compared to conventional GPC columns, which typically contain silica-based or polystyrene-DVB stationary phases. Jordi Gel DVB columns produce highly linear calibration curves, and they offer high plate counts and pore volume for sharper peaks and superior resolution.

Unlike other DVB-based Jordi GPC columns, the xStream H2O resin is based on a novel patent-pending polyamide gel. This water wettable phase allows for reverse phase retention of a wide range of hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds. The polyamide chemistry tightly binds with water eliminating poor recovery caused by drying of the phase.  The phase is stable over the complete pH range (0-14) and can be used with nearly any solvent allowing the use of a wide range of mobile phases.

Polymer-Based Reversed Phase, Normal Phase, and Ion-Exchange Chromatography

In additional to GPC products, Jordi offers polymer-based reversed-phase, normal phase, and ion-exchange chromatography columns and packing materials. For example, the polymer-based Jordi NP DVB Polyamino columns provide rugged and reproducible chromatograms (unlike silica-based amino columns) particularly useful in polar compound separations, e.g., oligosaccharides and alkaloids. These columns are stable from 100% organic to 100% aqueous buffers, and they can be used from pH 0-14. The long column life and stability is backed up with a standard 3-month warranty.


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