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Mitsubishi Chemical MCI GelMitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Chemical Group serve customers by using chemistry-based technology platforms for the development of a wide range of technologies and products in the fields of performance products, health care, and industrial materials. MCI GEL products have been developed for HPLC with excellent performance,and includes various kind of packing materials and packed columns for analytical uses. 

MIC Gel HPLC Columns

Polymer-based MCI GEL columns are produced by a unique packing technique with high performance separation materials.  The columns always show excellent performance and the quality is supported by the highest attention to quality control. Polymer-based packing materials can be operated in a wide pH range of eluents due to their chemical stability. The packed columns provide high resolution of solutes with excellent reproducibility because the packing materials are essentially spherical and have a controlled, narrow particle size distribution. Avaialbe phases include ion-exclusion, ion-exchange, ion chromatography, chiral, size-exclusion, non-functionalized reversed-phase polymers and hydrophilic porous gels.

Mitsubishi Chemical MCI Gel HPLC Column Catalog


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