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Nacalai Cosmosil HPLC Columns and Related Chromatography ProductsNacalai Tesque Inc.

Nacalai Tesque, Inc. at Kyoto, Japan, was established in 1846 selling traditional Japanese and Chinese medicines, and was formally incorporated as a research reagent company in 1958.  The company provides the highest quality research products in life science research and liquid chromatography.

Nacalai is an ISO 9001:2000 certified and registered manufacturer with excellent quality control systems to assure that every product conforms to strict regulations and customer requirements. Most of the products are manufactured and packaged in its Japan-based manufacturing facilities.

Robust Reversed Phase and other Unique Separation Modes

Nacalai provides Cosmosil/Cosmogel brand HPLC columns and related chromatography products.  In addition to several robust reversed phase and prep columns, Nacalai is well known for its specialty columns such as Cholester (cholesteryl group), NPE (nitrophenylethyl group), PYE (pyrenylethyl group) and Sugar-D.  Cosmosil Buckyprep (pyrenylpropyl group) and PBB (pentabromobenzyl group) columns are well recognized worldwide for fullerene separation.

Highest Quality Cosmosil Columns

Nacalai Cosmosil HPLC columns are based on high purity spherical silica gels giving excellent separation and reproducibility. With the technology and expertise that developed the "TANAKA PLOT" known as a column evaluation method, Nacalai’s highly experienced scientists develop unique stationary phases and the highest quality HPLC columns.  Each and every Cosmosil and Cosmogel HLPC column is tested prior to sale and supplied with an individual “Inspection Report” (except guard columns) and an additional “Certificate of Analysis” for the COSMOSIL C18-MS-II and C18-AR-II.


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