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Columns for Nucleotides / Nucleic Acids

HPLC Columns for Nucleotides

HPLC columns that are compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase without loss in retention, plate counts and peak performance can be used in nucleotide separation. These columns typically have a combination of ultra pure silica, minimal metal content, and very low concentrations of residual silanols.

YMC Hydrosphere HPLC column for nucleotide separation 11 Nucleotide Separation by YMC Hydrosphere C18 HPLC Column

Nucleotide and Nucleic Acid Columns

Reversed Phase Chromatography
Polymer-based particles
Jordi Protein Peptide
Silica-based particles
Agela Venusil-AQ C18
Agela Venusil-ASB C18
Dikma Bio-Bond C18 (300A)
Nacalai Cosmosil C18-AR-300 (300A)
ES Industries Epic Polar C18
Macherey-Nagel Nucleodur C18 Pyramid
YMC Hydrosphere C18

HILIC - Normal Phase Chromatography
Silica-based particles
Agela Unisol Amide

Ion Exchange Chromatography
Anion Exchange Chromatography
Nacalai Cosmogel IEX Type Q(1,000A)
Nacalai Cosmosil DEAE
Nacalai Cosmosil QA
Jordi Protein Peptide SAX
Sepax Proteomix WAX-POR
Sepax Proteomix SAX-POR

Non-Porous Particles - Ultra Fast LC
Ion Exchange Chromatography
Nacalai Cosmogel IEX Type Q-N
Sepax Proteomix WAX-NP
Sepax Proteomix SAX-NP

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