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Columns for Nucleotides / Nucleic Acids

HPLC Columns for Nucleotides

HPLC columns that are compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase without loss in retention, plate counts and peak performance can be used in nucleotide separation. These columns typically have a combination of ultra pure silica, minimal metal content, and very low concentrations of residual silanols.

Nucleotide and Nucleic Acid Columns

Reversed Phase Chromatography
Polymer-based particles
Jordi Protein Peptide
Silica-based particles
Agela Venusil-AQ C18
Agela Venusil-ASB C18
Dikma Bio-Bond C18 (300A)
Nacalai Cosmosil C18-AR-300 (300A)
ES Industries Epic Polar C18
Macherey-Nagel Nucleodur C18 Pyramid

HILIC - Normal Phase Chromatography
Silica-based particles
Agela Unisol Amide

Ion Exchange Chromatography
Anion Exchange Chromatography
Nacalai Cosmogel IEX Type Q(1,000A)
Nacalai Cosmosil DEAE
Nacalai Cosmosil QA
Jordi Protein Peptide SAX
Sepax Proteomix WAX-POR
Sepax Proteomix SAX-POR

Non-Porous Particles - Ultra Fast LC
Ion Exchange Chromatography
Nacalai Cosmogel IEX Type Q-N
Sepax Proteomix WAX-NP
Sepax Proteomix SAX-NP


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