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Reversed Phase HPLC Columns - ODS (C18)

Reversed phase HPLC has a non-polar stationary phase and an aqueous, moderately polar mobile phase. With these stationary phases, retention time is longer for molecules which are more non-polar, while polar molecules elute more readily. Octadecylsilane (ODS), C18, is the most popular reversed phase technique used today.

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C18 Columns
BA Promosil C18
BA Unisol C18
BA Venusil XBP (highest hydrophobicity)
BA Venusil XBP-2 (balanced)
BA Venusil XBP-L (larger pore size 150A)
Dikma Endeavorsil C18
Dikma Inspire C18
Dikma Leapsil C18
Dikma Spursil C18
Dikma Spursil C18-EP

C18 Columns - high pH / wide pH range
Chromenta EP-C18

C18 Columns - low pH
BA Venusil ASB (low pH tolerance)
Nacalai COSMOSIL C18-AR-II (low pH)

C18 Columns - 100% aqueous compatible
BA Venusil AQ (for 100% water)

C18 Columns - wide pores
Dikma Bio-Bond C18
Nacalai COSMOSIL C18-AR-300 (low pH)


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