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Welch Materials HPLC Columns and ChromatographyWelch Materials Inc.

Welch Material Inc. was founded 2003 in Maryland, USA and Shanghai, China by several PhD scientists from top Universities such as MIT and  University of California at Berkeley. The company develops and manufactures chromatography consumables including HPLC columns, Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) columns, GC columns, sample vials, syringe filters, and chromatographic media.

Xtimate HPLC Columns

The Xtimate polymer-silica packing materials are designed to provide excellent peak shape, high efficiency, and particularly long lifetime for use in high pH mobile phases. In addition, Xtimate columns can also be used for separations at low and intermediate pH with excellent stability. Xtimate packing is made by our proprietary grafting process. The organic groups are evenly incorporated into the grafted layers on the ultra-high purity (99.999% SiO2) porous silica surface. This not only provides resistance to high pH attacks, but also maintains the high efficiency and mechanical strength of silica particles.

Ultisil HPLC Columns

Welch Materials manufactures next generation silica-based Ultisil HPLC columns (called Ultimate in the China market) for chemists in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, drug control, environmental, agrochemicals, cosmetics and academic labs. Ultisil columns provide the best performance in peak shape, efficiency and resolution. We offer a full line of HPLC columns to meet HPLC separation and purification needs from analytical to preparative scale.  Through continuing innovation, Welch Materials offers customers the best tools and solutions for separation, purification, and analysis of organic and bioorganic compounds.

Ultisil Chiral HPLC Columns

  • 80% of all racemate compounds can be separated by these four columns
  • Amy-D and Cellu-D are the most popular chiral columns
  • Excellent resolution of racemates
  • Generally has higher retention than competitor's products
  • Columns are durable and long lasting
  • Smooth transition from lab to development, pilot and production scale

Ultisil Chiral Application List

Ultisil to Competitor's Chiral HPLC Column Comparison Chromatograms

Competitor Welch
OD Cellu-D / Cellu-DR
OJ Cellu-J / Cellu-JR
AD Amy-D / Amy-DR
AS Amy-S / Amy-SR

*R = reversed phase

Reverse-phase chiral columns were developed for separating samples in aqueous-organic mobile phases. They are excellent for samples that require flexibility in the pH range and LCMS applications.

Part Number Ultisil Chiral, 120 A Price (US$)
00219-31041 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Cellu-D,5μm, 4.6×150mm
00219-31043 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Cellu-D,5μm, 4.6×250mm
00262-31041 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Cellu-DR,5μm, 4.6×150mm
00262-31043 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Cellu-DR,5μm, 4.6×250mm
00221-31041 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Amy-D,5μm, 4.6×150mm
00221-31043 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Amy-D,5μm, 4.6×250mm
00264-31041 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Amy-DR,5μm, 4.6×150mm
00264-31043 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Amy-DR,5μm, 4.6×250mm
00218-31041 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Cellu-J,5μm, 4.6×150mm
00218-31043 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Cellu-J,5μm, 4.6×250mm
00261-31041 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Cellu-JR,5μm, 4.6×150mm
00261-31043 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Cellu-JR,5μm, 4.6×250mm
00220-31041 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Amy-S,5μm, 4.6×150mm
00220-31043 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Amy-S,5μm, 4.6×250mm
00263-31041 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Amy-SR,5μm, 4.6×150mm
00263-31043 HPLC Column:Ultisil®  Amy-SR,5μm, 4.6×250mm

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