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ZirChrom HPLC columnsZirChrom Separations Inc.

ZirChrom Separations, Inc. was formed in 1995 and is located in Anoka, Minnesota, USA. ZirChrom manufactures a full line of LC/MS friendly, ultra-durable zirconia-based high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns. In addition to zirconia, ZirChrom provides titania-based columns, Sachtopore.

Extreme Stability of Porous Zirconia Particles

The primary advantage of zirconia over either silica or polymeric stationary phases is its extreme chemical and thermal stability. Unlike silica, zirconia is completely stable over the entire pH range and at column temperatures as high as 200°C. Compared with polymer-based phases, zirconia does not shrink or swell as a function of mobile phase organic content or ionic strength.  It has very high mechanical strength and high efficiencies.  This extreme stability results in a column that may be cleaned under harsh conditions (acidic or basic), and also results in a longer column lifetime.  Long column life and stability translates to a reduced cost per analysis and a wider range of possible chromatographic conditions. 

Surface Chemistry of Zircornia

Surface Chemistry of zircornia
The surface of zirconia has highly reproducible Lewis acid, Bronsted base, and Bronsted acid sites

Unique Selectivity of Zircornia-Based HPLC Columns

The extreme stability of zirconia and its unique chromatographic selectivity allows for the optimization of separation conditions, which are totally incompatible with other types of supports. As with the more traditional HPLC supports, a wide variety of analyses may be performed including amino acids, peptides, proteins, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), carbohydrates, pesticides, environmental samples, clinical samples and pharmaceuticals to name just a few.

ZirChrom ProTain Instruction ProTain Inline Protein Removal Instruction
ZirChrom PVD sub-2um particle size Z-APPS | sub-2μm zirconia-based phase


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