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Chromenta HPLC columns and chromatography mediaChromenta Amino HILIC HPLC Columns

Chromenta EP-NH2 is composed of a hybrid material combining the best of both silica and polymer. Unlike amino-silica columns that are notoriously unstable or amino-polymer columns that are less efficient, the amino-silica-polymer columns have higher stability and sharper peaks. It is available in 3um and 5um particle sizes, pH range of 2 - 12.

Chromenta EP-NH2 is designed for HILIC (hydrophilic liquid chromatography) separations. However, it can also be operated under weak anion-exchange or normal phase conditions.

The most popular application for amino HILIC columns are for sugar separations. Base-line separations can be achieved for some monosaccharides or di-saccharides depending on the mixture. Oligosaccharides and larger molecules can be separated, but they usually require further mass spectrometry detection to achieve better resolution.

Other applications for the Chromenta EP-NH2 columns include analysis of polar compounds, water-soluable vitamins, metabolites, nucleosides, and peptides. Acidic sugars and other negatively-charged molecules are retained strongly by the amino HILIC columns through ion-exchange mechanism. With amino HILIC, the retention is affected by salt type, salt concentration, and pH, more so than other HILIC phases.

KB-NH2 is a silic-amino column for normal phase operations. For HILIC and weak anion-exchange conditons, we highly recommend the EP-NH2 columns.

Chromenta Amino HILIC HPLC Columns
base material
particle, um pore, A pH range temp range, deg-C note
3, 5, and 10
2 - 8
20 - 60
for normal phase conditions (not HILIC)
3 and 5
2 - 12
20 - 60

designed for HILIC and ion-exchange



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