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JCI-22 Curie-Point Portable Pyrolyzer

The world's first portable pyrolyzer

  • Compatible with solid, liquid, outgas or VOC samples using pulsed carrier gas
  • Inject samples into GC/MS the same way as using a syringe
  • Washable / disposable sample tubes and needles to keep flow line clean


  • Portability – one hand-held injector that can be used with multiple GC / GCMS instruments
  • Flexibility - no physical setup on top of the GC injection port - keep the instrument free for other applications
  • Compatibility - can be used with any GC or GC/MS instruments with manual injection port
  • Cleanliness - no cross contamination, sample tube and needle are washable to keep flow line and GC injection port clean
  • Consistency - reduced cold spot with direct sample tube connection (Patent)
  • Easy to run dynamic head space samples with mini-PAT
  • Precise temperature control achieved by the selected pyrofoils

JCI-22 Brochure

JCI-22 portable Curie Point pyrolyzer brochure JCI-22 portable Curie-Point pyrolyzer brochure


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