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Recycling Preparative HPLC Instrument

Obtaining pure compounds is paramount in many organic synthesis and natural product labs. Great efforts were often needed to find the right purification procedures. The JAI recycling preparative HPLC system promises to make these steps simple, quick, and relatively painless. As shown in the pictures below, with each cycle of the sample passing through columns, the separation power increased proportionally. Put it in another way, the JAI system allows you to multiply the separation power of any columns. As long as the co-eluting peaks are defined and with some resolution, you can simply switch the system to the recycling mode and collect purified compounds after the peaks are resolved.


Typical prep system

recycling prep system


Advantages of Recycling Prep System

  1. Time saving - recycling prep HPLC system is simply the most efficient, quick, and cost-effective technique to purified mg to gram quantity of compounds. Shorten the method development time and say goodbye to peak co-elution problems.
  2. Column cost saving - use shorter columns to achieve same separation performance as longer ones. The system is compatible with any prep HPLC or GPC columns in any separation modes.
  3. Less solvent consumption - no new solvent consumption during recycling. Save money and good for the environment.

Field of usage

  • Organic synthesis research - Our recycling preparative HPLC is used to isolate and separate impurities from target substance or purify the target substance. It is widely chosen at many organic synthesis research institutes for more effective separation, time saving and finding new approach of synthesis methods.
  • Natural products and biologically active substances - The recycling technique is effective for the isolation, purification and extraction from natural products. In developing new medication, it is necessary to isolate biological active substance and collect large quantity of active ingredients.

Product Features

  • Recycling function - switching valve to recycling mode manually or with software control
  • Wide model lineups - Applies a broad range of usage, we have developed wide lineups of models from compact manual operation model, all-automated operation model as well as process scale model depends on usability and quantity of collection.
  • Smart operation usability and safety - The main bodies are designed compact for space saving but enough to hold pump and detector(s). Also with concepts as preparative dedicated devise, usability and safety have been improved
  • Wide selections of columns line up - Meet your needs. Especially, our attractive GPC / SEC columns work most effectively and escalate its capability with recycling technique, without try and error to find complicated separation condition or method. Other columns, e.g., ODS, silica, chiral...etc are all compatible.

Product Selection - Japan Analytical Industry (JAI)

JAI Recycling Preparative HPLC Catalog JAI Recycling Preparative HPLC Catalog or you can contact us for a free copy of the printed catalog by mail.

Free Sample Testing

If you are unsure whether the recycling prep HPLC system works for your application, we can arrange for a free sample testing on the instrument, and we will return purified samples back to you for confirmation. Tell us your purification problem and we will help you solve it. Find out why there are over 40 JAI recycling systems installed in the University of Tokyo alone. Contact us by email or phone for details.


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