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JCI-55 Curie-Point Portable Pyrolyzer

Advanced Portable Pyrolyzer

  • Has the same features and performance in qualitative analysis as the JCI-22
  • JCI-55 is the next-generation version of the JCI-22, with improved features for accurate quantification analysis


  • Quantitative Mode - With improved constant flow mode, it can achieve more precise quantitative analysis of VOC with mini-PAT
  • Sample Tube Baking Mode - Able to bake mini-PAT (TenaxGR). The baking procedure is pre programmed and requires a simple one push button.
  • Solvent Purge Mode - Able to remove water and/or solvent trapped in mini-PAT before analysis of VOC.


Probe Specifications
Heating System Curie point heating
Pyrolysis Temp Range Pyrofoil (160℃~1040℃)
Oven Heating 150℃
Transfer line (Needle upper part) 300℃ (at the time of curie point heating) 
Sample Tube Quartz glass, OD 6mm, Length 36mm
Needle Exclusive needle (OD 0.47mm, Length 42mm)
Connection Cable 2m
Dimensions OD 35mm, Length 180mm
Weight 110g
Power Supplied from controller


Controller Specifications
RF Power 48W, 600kHz
Pyrolysis time
5sec, 10sec, 15sec
Output Signal GC / start signal
Mode selection Qualitative analysis mode,
Quantitative analysis mode, 
Solvent purge mode, Baking mode 
Injection Gas (He)
5-L helium cartridges or supplying 0.5MPa helium
Dimension of Mainframe (mm)
7 kg
AC 85~240V, 500VA (Max)

Standard Accessories

Standard accessories that are included with the instrument purchase
Sample Tube 5 each
Needle for JCI-55 5 each
Pyrofoil Set (100 foils per bottle) 2 bottles
Sample Tube Guide 2 each
Foil Crimper 1 each
Titanium Tweezers 1 each
Flat Nose Pliers  1 each
Syringe for Needle Cleaning  1 each
Sample Tube Stand  1 each


JCI-55 Brochure

JCI-22 portable Curie Point pyrolyzer brochure JCI-55 portable Curie-Point pyrolyzer brochure



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