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Chromenta HPLC columns and chromatography mediaChromenta Silica HILIC HPLC Columns

Chromenta offers two types of silica HILIC (Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography) HPLC columns. KB-SiO2 is packed with type-B ultrapure bare silica particles (purity > 99.999%) with metal content less than 10 ppm. Uniform surface is specially treated to eliminate micropores. Proprietary packing technology further enhances uniform column media distribution to minimize channeling effects.

HILIC columns are often used with ESI-MS because of the compatible high organic solvents used as the mobile phase. In method development, HILIC is orthogonal to reversed phase and often used in fingerprinting of a mixture. The silica HILIC columns are excellent in isomer separations due to its rigid surface structure. In general, the silica HILIC HPLC columns are used in the separations of vitamins, steroids, polar compounds, and metabolites.

However, silic HILIC columns are not suitable for phosphorylated compounds (a better choice would be the amino HILIC).

Chromenta Silica HILIC HPLC Columns
base material
particle, um pore, A pH range temp range, deg-C note
3, 5, and 10
2 - 8
20 - 60
99.999% pure type-B silica particles



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