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Columnex LLC supplies chromatography system, accessories, and columns from Chromenta, Welch Materials, Preekem, Bonna-Agela, PolyLC, Jordi Labs, Dikma, Macherey-Nagel, Nacalai, ES Industries, Affinisep, Mitsubishi Chemical, ZirChrom, SIELC, Sepax, Aura Industries, and Japan Analytical Industry. In addition to HPLC columns, you can find information about recycling preparative HPLC system, sample prep, curie-point pyrolyzers, chromatography accessories, and pH meters here. We are not just an equipment supplier; we provide answers to your separation challenges.

Whether you have the most complicated separation challenge or simply want assurance on your column choice, our experienced technical and sales team will be happy to help. We work to understand your needs in detail before suggesting the most appropriate products. On the rare occasion when we do not have the best products to solve your chromatography challenges, we will inform you directly and suggest an alternate solution.

We provide a wide selection of chromatography products conveniently located in one place. You can quickly compare features and prices of products from multiple manufacturers. In addition, our objective recommendation and educational sales process will help you...

  • realize unrecognized problems before you start
  • broaden your solution options
  • find the direction to maximize your chance for success

At Columnex, “customer service” is not simply a department - it is the whole company. Our comprehensive customer satisfaction program, Columnex Concierge, ensures that each one of our customers receives the highest care in the industry.  We strive to make you a repeat customer. Simply make a request and we will do everything in our power to accomplish it.

Go ahead. Be experimental. HPLC column selection and purchasing has never been so easy!

Affinisep SPE
Aura Industries - chromatography accessories
Agela SPE Flash HPLC Columns
Chromenta HPLC Columns
Dikma HPLC Columns and Chromatography Products
ES Industries HPLC Column and Products
Japan Analytical Industry
Jenco Instruments
Jordi Gel DVB GPC GFC SEC Columns and Polymer-Based RP NP IEX HPLC Columns
Macherey-Nagel HPLC Column Products
Mitsubishi Chemical MCI Gel
Nacalai Tesque Cosmosil HPLC Column and Products
PolyLC HPLC columns for biomolecule analysis
Preekem Scientific Instruments
Sepax Technologies Zenix SRT Antibodix Proteomix Carbomix HPLC Columns
SIELC Technologies Primesep Obelisc Promix HPLC Columns
Welch Materials - HPLC Columns, SPE, and chromatography medias

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